Moonstone meaning

Moonstone Meaning – History and Legend

Associated with the moon, moonstones have traditionally been intertwined with love and lovers. In Middle Eastern countries, a single moonstone is typically offered as a “blessing” to encourage fertility and ensure a large, healthy family. It is said that the effects of moonstones is most potent when used during a full moon.

Moonstone Meaning – Magical Moonstone Properties

  • Moonstones symbolize new beginnings
  • Men can use the power of moonstones to unlock deep emotions
  • Moonstones are seen as good luck where love, fertility, and general wellbeing are involved
  • Moonstones promote a high level of inner harmony
  • Common uses include creating an emotional balance and the ability to flow with life’s changes
  • It is a stone of protection, especially during pregnancy, childbirth, and travel
  • Moonstones harness the power of light and energy, hold it while meditating to focus your message

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